Albirex Special Product [2021 June]

Albirex Special Product [2021 June]

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🍚アルビ米 (新潟県産コシヒカリ) 1袋
2kg Pack : $12
5kg Pack : $30

🚚配送料 : $10

2021年6月17日(木) 10:00(AM)

6月27日(日)-29日(火) 予定


✔︎Albi rice can be purchased and delivered from 1 pack
If you have not try it , please take this opportunity to try it!

✔︎Schedule of July
Next month delivery is scheduled around 29th - 31st July.


🍚Albi Rice (Niigata - Koshihikari) 1 Pack
2kg Pack : $12
5kg Pack : $30

🚚Delivery Fee : $10
▶️【Shipping fee $5 off】with a total purchase of $30 or more
⏩【Free shipping】 with a total purchase of $60 or more

📌Order by
Thursday 17th June 10:00am

🗓Delivery schedule
Sunday 27th June - Tuesday 29th June (Scheduled)

・The delivery will be made contactless delivery.
・The driver may call you.
 Please be sure to let us know your phone number
 that we can contact during the day.
・If you are not in room on the delivery date we notified in advance,
 please find the way to receive.
 (Ex. Negotiate for temporary keeping at your condo entrance.)
 If delivery is not possible on the same day,
 Redelivery fee will be charged.
・Delivery date and delivery time cannot be specified.
 We will not be able to respond even if you let us know your request.
 Thank you for your understanding.